What are the advantages and disadvantages of sketching wireframes over wireframe software?

Sketching out wireframes is often faster and more intuivtive than using specialized software, everybody knows how to use a pen. However, as the scale and complexity of your projects increases, wireframe software can allow you to manage much more complicated projects, and allow you to more easilly edit any errors or outdated design elements.

Which type of wireframing style would work best with your project?

My project will have most of its content displayed on a single page that will change itself as needed, this will make the site's scale much smaller, meaning that there will not be so many sub-sites and elements that extensive wireframing becomes mandatory. Sketching it out also allows me to quickly tweak visual elements to make sure that everything works towards the visibility and readability of my featured media.

Also I am still not very proficient at this so a sketchy low fidelity wireframe gives more wiggle room for me messing up.

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