You're Invited!

Jeremy Clarkson

You keep getting in trouble for doing stupid crap at work. I heard you allegedly punched a coworker over breakfast at a hotel once, so you're just the type of person I want at the dinner table. You got in so much trouble on Top Gear, that you got fired, and your fellow hosts followed out with you, then Amazon picked you all up for a new take on the show and you got kicked out of that too. That's awesome! You might also have some fun stories to tell I'm not super sure. You should come over.

James May

You're a cool guy, very knowledgable, you apparently do, or did, a lot of writing before being on Top Gear. You got fired from your job as a writer for a publication after they found out you'd been hiding messages in the first letter of the first couple of words of each review (or something along those lines). The whole message was actually pretty mild, but you know Europeans. Google says you're interested in scale models and trains, I'd like to talk to you about that.

Richard Hammond

You're a part of the set, I think. I've never actually watched more than a minute of Top Gear.

The Menu

The night will feature a rotating set of meals, aiming to deliver a diverse and fulfilling culinary experience.

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