I mean, his work at least... he seems like a chill guy.


Matt Groening is responsile for some of the blandest shows still dragged through the mud today, whatever flashes of genius he had in the past now serve only as a catalyst for some of the most mind-numbingly stupid content made in current year. The simpsons wasn't particularly funny at its peak, Disenchantment was clearly a money laundering scheme, and I actually don't have super strong feelings on futurama, mostly because it's a different brand of uninteresting.

Show Year Produced IMDB Rating
The Simpsons 1989 8.7/10
Disenchantment 2018 7.2/10
Futurama 1999 8.5/10

Better Artists

Consult the table below for contemporaries of his that make stuff that isn't complete garbage, or at the very least, half as boring. You'll notice the creator Family Guy is on the list, and the general consensus is that that show is also garbage, except it's interesting garbage, it at least tries to be entertaining. Bob's Burgers is meant for a specific category of "I kind of want to, at most, get a giggle out of this", and I've been told Bojack Horseman might actually be good.