Assignement Three

Structured content and semantic HTML

What is the difference between structured content and semantic HTML?

Structured content deals with the structure and use of a site, while the semantic elements deal with how these component interact with themselves and the user.

How do they work together?

Structured and semantic elements serve algorithms and users when working together, and make a complete experience that works properly for people and the technology they utilize.

Why is it important to have structured content and semantic HTML in your web pages?

Having both enables your website to be legible to both people and machines.

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Closing Questions

Denise Jacobs argues that we all have a troll-like inner critic. Of the methods she identifies to banish this troll, which would be most successful for you? Why?

I appreciate the recommendation to self reflect and identify why you're holding yourself to an unhealthy standard, I have problems with perfectionism, and identifying why I won't leave projects alone could be helpful in producing more work.

In David McRaney's article, what is "hyperbolic discounting"? List one method McRaney identifies to counteract hyperbolic discounting. Which would work best for you?

Hyperbolic discounting is the tendency to become more rational the longer you have to wait, and a recommended method to counteract it is to assume that the future you cannot be trusted, and to trust the present more.