Student Website Review


Santiago Alvarez

His Name

Nicholas Campise

Site Name


Strong Aspects

Site is very nice looking, it has a defined style and sticks to it throughout, lots of glowing parts contrasted with dark backgrounds. Delightful. The site uses professional and appropriate fonts that make the whole thing feel cohesive.

The site is very neatly compartmentalized, each section is labeled clearly and has an obvious use. The nav bar at the top allows users to quickly get to their destination with no confusion.

The site is very easy to use, with its high contrast fonts and high visibility design. Readin through it is almost too easy. Everything stands out and pops at you, and nothing fades away into the background or requires a squint to read.

Weak Aspects

The site has been scaled back from its original purpose, now pitching the functionality it was originally meant to provide. Obviously a lack of functionality could be a problem but honestly who wants to reinvent the MIDI for this?

The site isn't finished yet, so its not fully functional, I am mentioning this just in case anybody wasn't aware of this and was going to ship out an unfinished site, which is a major no-no in the industry.

There's some dead space in the margins and between eleemnts, it works for stylization but doesn't make use of the entire screen. It's honestly up to personal preference, but its a nice website and I needed to say more mean things.