I have experience in design and 3d animation, but have a wide range of other skills that I am familiar with as well. A good job for me would make use of these exisitng abilities, or be adjacent to them, so I may learn on the job. Nearly anything visual or creative is well within my ballpark.

Digital Graphic Designer

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I love pools and I love money

Pinch-A-Penny is actually the store my family gets pool supplies from, so that's a fun plus. I have experience in visual design usign tools such as Figma and Adobe Illustrator. I should be more than able to make whatever the pool boys want. I also have the ability to learn how to make whatever they may want.

Digital Illustrator

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I love software and I love money

Digital Illustration is a hobby of mine, and something that I could pursue professionally. Depending on what they want specifically I may not be the best choice, but I am wiling to learn. Also these guys are big deal tech guys so that a fun door to have your foot in.

Graphic Designer

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I love graphics and I love money

Very similar to that first one, the listings are very similar. Refer back to the Pinch-A-Penny box for this one. Graphic design... yadda yadda yadda... So on and so forth. More of the same.