Assignement One

3 (1/3) Things I learned

/> While this is not my first time coding, it is my first time working in HTML, here are some of the things I learned during the first lesson.

(2/3) AI Application

/> AI Chatbots are a really popular application of new neural network technology, allowing computer generated writing to be generated on demand while holding a conversation, an early example of this "Ai Dungeon", a fairly simple AI text generator. But we now have chatbots that can act "in character" based on information fed to them, allowing you to hold virtual conversations with characters ranging from Gorbachev to Vegeta. This has immense potential for personal entertainment, but can often devalue or mischaracterize the works (or sometimes, real people) that these characters are based on.

(3/3) Semester Project

/> For my final poject I would like to design a site that hosts a brief, illustrated narrative (maybe in a comic format?) that is essentialy some thoughts I wuld like to share about the current role of AI in our rapidly changing world.